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Flexible and light, the ally of dynamic activities


The flexible, light and stretchy cut-resistant trousers

Pantalon ADF
Pantalon arboristes

Official trousers of the champion tree climbers of the French team

NEW IN 2020




  • Stretch climbing jacket DESCRIPTION: 2 low pockets and 2 chest pocket 1 inside pocket High collar,Cuff with adjustable closure.Drop back to protect the kidneys. Reverse slide closing

    129,60 € tax incl.
  • CHAPS PRIOR EN 11393-2 TYPE B CLASS 1 20m/s For occasional use, easy to use. Size 1 : XS to L Size 2 : XL to 4XL Choice of type A, type B or type C Type A is, for example, intended to be used for ordinary forestry work byprofessional loggers who have been fully trained and instructed. Type B is intended to be used for occasional work with chainsaws. Type...

    73,20 € tax incl.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE WORK TROUSERS Comfortable, stretch trousers with SOFISHIELD® supports. Trouser suitable for brushcutting with REMOVABLE foam protectors = possible non-violent impacts from pebbles, earth or parts of branches, which can be used during brushcutting operations.  Areas of support offering numerous protection possibilities:Pocket for knee...

    128,40 € tax incl.
  • GAITERS CORDURA® Fabric coated with polyamide High Tenacity with side zipHook to fasten to trousers and clamping system/hooking under shoes

    62,00 € tax incl.
  • Windproof wool jacket with waterproof membrane TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION o    Laminated technical stretch wool jacket with a waterproof and breathable membrane o    Noiseless, waterproof and warm   DESIGN FEATURES o    Hand pockets with warm soft-feel lining, o    Cargo pockets with retractable flap for carrying cartridges and bullets, o    Rear game...

    138,00 € tax incl.
  • PROTECTIVE TROUSERS FOR USERS OF CHAIN SAWSEN ISO 11393-2:2019 type A classe 3 28 m/s. o9-layer SOFLY® Technology chain saw protection system. DESCRIPTION: 2 fine sewing pockets. 1 ruler pocket with plug spanner pocket.Semi-elasticated waist with loops and dorsal bib. Crotch tip two-way stretch for more comfort and endurance. Crotch length of 82 cm

    152,40 € tax incl.
  • Protective leggings for chain saw users EN ISO 11383-2 Type A class 1 20 m/. o chain saw protective Material : 70% polyester 30% Polypropylène o Weight size M < 1,200 KG Thigh measurement = 70 cm (for a larger version + 10 cm FI003BS and/or add legging expander AC007 + 35 mm)Range of applications:OCCASIONAL use DESCRIPTION:  Elasticated waistband in...

    69,60 € tax incl.
  • PROTECTIVE GAITERS against risks from CHAIN SAW cuts CLASS 1 Adjustable straps For occasional use.Use with a safety footwear EN 20345

    81,60 € tax incl.
  • Protective overalls for chain saw usersLEG PROTECTION - EN ISO 11393-2 type A class 2 24 - 24 m/s. Protection with SoFly® technology. DESCRIPTION: Elasticated waistband straps in florescent yellow with plastic loops.Opening along the length of the leg with a zip of 70 cm.Patch pocket with florescent flap on front of leg.

    146,40 € tax incl.
  • COMPLETE FORESTRY HELMET DESCRIPTION Polyethylene shell, 4-point cap Visor support, steel shield 40X19 cm Ear protection muffs SNR 25dB 2-point jugular Neck protector Boxed

    43,20 € tax incl.
  • PROTECTIVE LEGGINGS FOR USERS OF CHAIN SAWS EN ISO 11393-2 Type A class 3 28 m/. o9-layer SOFLY® Technology chain saw protection system. Thigh measurement = 70 cm (for a larger version + 10 cm FI003BS and/or add legging expander AC007 + 10 cm) Use of range:OCCASIONAL use DESCRIPTION:  Elasticated waistband in florescent yellow with plastic loops.Opening...

    144,00 € tax incl.

    15,00 € tax incl.


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ECO-DESIGNED Forestry Products


Personal protective equipment (PPE)

While no PPE can provide 100% protection against cuts from chainsaws, when climbing, chainsaw users should wear the following:

  • A safety helmet (the Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group (AFAG) recommends a mountaineeringstyle helmet complying with BS EN 12492, climbing helmet).
  • Eye protection (complying with either BS EN 1731 or BS EN 166).
  • Hearing protection (complying with BS EN 352).
  • Suitable gloves appropriate to the task and subject to the operator’s risk assessment.
  • Leg protection and groin protection (complying with BS EN 381-5). AFAG recommends Type C leg protection for aerial work, because of the high allround chainsaw cut protection. However, where wearing Type C is impractical (eg because of the higher risk of heat stress associated with it), it may be appropriate to use Type A, where justified by risk assessment.
  • Protective boots with good grip and protective guarding at front vamp and instep (complying with BS EN ISO 20345).
  • Non-snag outer clothing. The use of high-visibility clothing may also be appropriate. As a minimum, each person should carry a personal first-aid kit, incorporating a large wound dressing, barrier gloves, plasters and whistle (see INDG214 First aid at work: Your questions answered). Hand-cleaning material such as waterless skin cleanser or soap, water and paper towels should be readily available.

Standard RIS-3279-TOM

In December 2016, the Standard RIS-3279-TOM replaced the Standard GO/RT 3279. The standard from the British Rail Integration System (RIS) defines the minimum specification for high visibility clothing in the railway industry. Among other things, this standard stipulates that the clothes must be HV orange and has stricter colorimetric requirements than the harmonised Standard EN ISO 20471. All HV clothing by FRANCITAL meet the requirements of this standard.

Be smart with your equipment!

Forestry solutions from FRANCITAL, from clothing to Equipment

Essential in the forestry and arboriculture sectors, FRANCITAL offers protective technical clothing for chain saws: cut resistant trousers for loggers and pruning professionals, but also for groups in need of dual functions: protective cut resistance and high visibility, forestry jackets, cuffs and even gloves, footwear and protective helmets. This rate of cut resistant clothing aim at hand-held chain saw users is completed by solutions for brushcutting and landscape gardening. These work clothes offer functionality adapted to the work or activities carried out by the wearer. These are not simply work clothes. Our know-how lets us offer technical protective clothing.

As a cut resistance specialist, FRANCITAL has also produced its range to include Cut Resistant Technology®, protecting against risks of cuts, perforation and impact from small blades or cuts from trimmers.

The EOLIGHT® range, which offers comfort clothing with a sporty and technical silhouette, completes this collection.

Custom design

As a producer, we keep a firm hand on the production chain for our technical clothing: from design to production, we guide our customers through the creation of our custom designed products.