FRANCITAL Environnement's Personal Data Protection Charter

The update of our Charter will be done on this page.

Date of update: 05/11/2018

Your requests for changes to your personal data

  • As a user of FRANCITAL Environnement's services, you can modify your personal data from your customer account.
  • If you wish to delete your customer account you can also perform this action (be careful this action is irreversible you will lose access to your order history, your loyalty points, your discount codes... But it will be possible to create a new customer account) from your customer account.
  • It is possible to export your personal data from your customer account.
  • For any other request to access, obtain, rectify or delete your personal data, we invite you to contact our data protection department: CUSTOMER SERVICE


This page describes the principles with which FRANCITAL Environnement collects different types of data on its customers. The elements described on this page are explained in detail in FRANCITAL Environnement's data protection principles.

This page also details the commitments concerning FRANCITAL Environnement's security and data protection policy in order to respect, at most, your private life.

Definitions of the terms

In order to avoid imprecise interpretation, here are some elements of understanding the terms used:

  • Personal data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person is deemed to be "an identifiable natural person" - a natural person who can be identified, directly or indirectly.
  • Processing: any operation or set of operations performed or not performed using automated processes and applied to personal data or sets of data (collection, recording, transmission, transmission, storage, storage, retrieval, retrieval, consultation, use, interconnection, segmentation, etc.).

Data controller

Any processing of personal information communicated to FRANCITAL Environnement is carried out under the responsibility of FRANCITAL ENVIRONNEMENT 

Adress : 25 petite rue de la Plaine – BP 80034 – F – 38301 Bourgoin-Jallieu Cedex FRANCE

Phone number : +33 (0)474 190 710 – Fax : +33 (0)474 190 711- Email : –

How do we collect data about you?

The collection of your personal data (such as name and contact details) is most often based on your customer relationship or other relevant relationship with us. For example, we collect data when you perform actions on our services, by registering as a user of our site, by using FRANCITAL Environnement's services or by providing us with other information.

When you use FRANCITAL Environnement's network and communication services, for example by making a call, creating your customer account or sending an e-mail, the identification data is stored in our systems for the use of the services.

When you visit FRANCITAL Environnement's websites or load pages from them, you leave us with different types of anonymous browsing data, such as your IP address and browsing history. The operation of the services is based on the use of cookies.

We may collect data based on your consent.

We record customer service calls so that we can check the actual discussion, if necessary.

We also collect data from our potential customers when they participate in contests, sweepstakes or customer events.

What data are we collecting?

This data includes your name, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, direct marketing information and consent, company contact information, company name, information provided by you, customer classification information, ordering, delivery, agreement and billing We store what can be connected to you.

Data created and collected during the communication includes information on the communicating parties, connection time, routing information, data transfer protocol, connection format and location information.

When surfing the Internet, "measurement data" is collected using cookies. This data cannot be associated with a person.

The customer information we collect helps us to personalize and continually improve your shopping experience on FRANCITAL Environnement's services. We use this information to process orders, deliver products and services, process payments and communicate with you regarding your orders, products, services and promotional offers, maintain and update our files and thus your accounts with us, make content such as wish lists and customer comments available to you and recommend products and services that may be of interest to you. We also use this information to improve our shops and websites, to prevent or detect fraud or abuse on our website and to allow third parties to provide technical, logistical or other functions on our behalf.

List of the types of information we collect:


Information you provide us with

We collect and store all information you provide to us through our website or otherwise. You may choose not to provide us with certain information, but this decision may limit the use of our services. We use the information you provide to us, in particular to respond to your requests, to personalize your future purchases, to improve our services and to communicate with you.


Information collected automatically

Each time you contact us, we receive and store certain types of information. Like many other websites, we use cookies and obtain certain types of information when your browser accesses the FRANCITAL Environnement website or advertisements and other content displayed on other websites by or on behalf of FRANCITAL Environnement.


Email information

To optimize the usefulness and interest of our e-mails, if your computer allows it, we frequently receive confirmation of the e-mails sent by FRANCITAL Environnement that you have opened. If you do not wish to receive an e-mail from us, simply notify us in your account.

How do we manage your information?

Please note that the personnel of FRANCITAL Environnement and its subsidiaries and their subcontractors act under the obligation of secrecy when processing data concerning you.

We maintain the confidentiality of your data and ensure that it is used only for predefined purposes.

Your data is processed for the purpose of producing and delivering the agreed communication and other services, developing the services, billing, providing you with the best and most complete service possible, and informing you about our services.

We also use your data for customer communication, such as sending information about our services and for direct marketing purposes.

We also use the data for customer profiling using billing, usage amounts, customer relationship duration and external classifications. We use both summary usage data and person-specific data to create target groups for marketing.

We process our potential customers' data for direct marketing purposes.

We strive to ensure that the customer's data is up to date and correct.

We delete obsolete and unnecessary data where possible.

We protect all data about you with personal task-based access rights and prevent third parties from accessing the data.

Where do we send your data?

We only submit your data to the extent permitted by applicable law and as indicated in the file description to the authorities and other telecommunications companies.

When we use subcontractors, we will sign a security agreement with them that also covers the use of your data. We are also responsible for this kind of handling for you.

FRANCITAL Environnement's data protection principles

The purpose of this data protection policy is to describe the principles and practices we observe at FRANCITAL Environnement to ensure the protection of privacy, confidentiality of communication and legal protection of our clients.

FRANCITAL Environnement regularly updates this policy as operations or services change or develop. For this reason, we encourage you to consult the latest statement regularly.

Important core values for FRANCITAL Environnement include the confidentiality of customer data and communication, as well as the protection of customer privacy in all company operations. When handling our clients' personal data, we comply with French legislation, orders and instructions from the authorities and good data processing practices.

FRANCITAL Environnement implements a high level of data protection. Personal and identification data as well as data related to the site are collected only for specific, predefined and legal purposes and are not processed in a way that is incompatible with these purposes.

We protect the security of your personal information during transmission by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer Software), which encrypts the information you enter before it is sent to us.

We maintain physical, electronic and backup security measures in connection with the collection, retention and disclosure of customers' personal information. Our security procedures may require us to ask you for proof of your identity before we can provide you with your personal information.

We constantly train our staff on the principles of data processing and monitor the use of data by appropriate means.

General principles of customer data management

The processing of personal data must always be justified for FRANCITAL Environnement operations. FRANCITAL Environnement has defined the purpose of collecting, handling and submitting personal data in the following section.

FRANCITAL Environnement processes only the customer data necessary for its operations, as defined for the purpose of use indicated in the file description for the customer register. We make every effort not to process incorrect, incomplete or obsolete data.

The processing of customer data is generally based on a relevant relationship, information received when using or registering a service or your consent. We may also process your data for other purposes, for example at your request or when required by law. Your information may be processed within FRANCITAL Environnement. We encourage our customers to regularly update their contact information.

We record your conversations with our customer service department to verify a business transaction, to respond to your requests and to monitor and develop service quality.

Please note that as a customer of FRANCITAL Environnement, you have the right to verify which data about you has been stored in our information systems, or that there is no data about you in our file. You may also refuse the use of your data in accordance with the relevant legislation. The inspection can be carried out once a year at no cost. The request for data inspection must be made with a document signed between FRANCITAL Environnement and you.

Collection, storage, retrieval and processing of personal data


Register of data collected directly via FRANCITAL Environnement services:

This information should be completed or adapted if your website has additional developments (such as specific forms for example)

Contact form for further information

Data collected: email and message

  • Objective: Customer relationship management
  • Data storage: Registration in the database
  • Shelf life: 1 year
  • Access to data: FRANCITAL Environnement's customer relations department
  • Is the data stored or processed outside the EU: No

Create a customer account

  • Data collected: name, first name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth, direct marketing information and consent, company contact person information, company name, information provided by you, customer classification information, ordering, delivery, agreement and billing We store what can be connected to you.
  • Objective pursued: Order / Order tracking / Address / Returns / Credit note / Loyalty management
  • Data storage: Registration in the database
  • Retention period: Client life span / Clients who have been inactive for 2 years are deleted
  • Data access: Logistics (partially, only data related to the processing and shipping of your order) / Marketing department / Customer service
  • Is the data stored or processed outside the EU: No

Newsletter option form

  • Data collected: email
  • Objective pursued: Marketing emails
  • Data storage: Optin in the database
  • Retention period: Customer's opt-in period excluding refusal by the customer
  • Data access: The marketing department
  • Is the data stored or processed outside the EU: No

In accordance with the law " informatique et libertés ", you can exercise your right of access to the data concerning you and have them rectified via the contact button : Customer service

Register of data transmitted to subcontractors via FRANCITAL Environnement's services:


  • Provider information:
  • Provider location: United States
  • Objective pursued: Login to your customer account on the site via your Facebook account
  • Is the data stored or processed outside the EU: Yes
  • Provider's DGMP Charter:

Sending and sharing data

FRANCITAL Environnement may only submit your data to third parties in accordance with the legislation in force. We submit information on request to authorities, such as police and security authorities, as well as other authorities on the grounds specified by law.

Information about our customers is an important part of our business and our job is not to trade it. We share this information only in the cases previously expressed and for the purposes described in this privacy policy with FRANCITAL Environnement contrôle and which are either subject to this privacy policy or apply rules at least as protective as those described in this privacy policy.

In addition, we may submit your data to subcontractors, in which case we will ensure that the confidentiality of the data is maintained, and we will also be responsible for data management in this case. If we process your data outside the EU region, we will protect your data by ensuring that the processor guarantees appropriate data processing.

Processing of identification and location data related to electronic communication

FRANCITAL Environnement treats all data and messages created during the communication as confidential. Our staff is bound by an obligation of secrecy and a prohibition to use messages or other confidential information. When communication is via a network, it always leaves a trace. These network traces are called identification data if they can be connected to a person. Network traces are created, for example, when making telephone calls, sending electronic and SMS messages and surfing the Internet, and may contain information about the callers, the connection route or routing, the data transfer protocol used, the event and terminals used or their location.

FRANCITAL Environnement manages the identification and location of the communication in accordance with the law in force for the purposes, for example, of the implementation and use of services, invoicing and technical development. consent, marketing. The data may also be used for billing other service providers to the extent necessary.

FRANCITAL Environnement can also manage identification data in the event of misuse, data security breaches and failure repairs.

In all the above situations, we only process identification and location data to the extent necessary to perform a specific task.


Use of location data

A method of actual location where another person can track where another person is located requires the consent of the person to be located. The customer may not be located at all if he refuses geolocation services.

If we submit location information to location service providers, we ensure by appropriate means that there is consent from the person to be located.

Persons authorized to manage identification and location data

Only specific people at FRANCITAL Environnement whose work requires access to identification and location data can process this data.

In practice, authorisation is granted only to persons performing tasks related to invoicing, maintenance or development of networks or communication services, prevention and investigation of abuse, customer service and marketing. Persons with the right to manipulate data may only manage them to the extent required to perform individual tasks.

Duration of the processing of identification and location data and data storage

We process identification and location data for as long as necessary for billing, technical development, troubleshooting, marketing, misuse investigation or data security purposes. However, manipulation takes place only to the extent required by the actions and without unduly compromising the confidentiality of a message and the protection of privacy.

We store the required invoicing data for at least one year from the due date of the invoice and for a period not exceeding three years from the due date of the invoice, unless it is necessary to keep the data for a longer period. related to the collection of the invoice. Otherwise, the data is stored to the extent permitted and required by the relevant legislation.

Websites, visit tracking

We also collect data about website visits. This data includes the IP address and corresponding DNS name, the organization that recorded the IP address, the name and address of the page visited, the time the page was loaded and the type of browser.

Please note that the IP address is an identification required for the operation of the Internet, used to direct messages sent over the Internet to the appropriate locations. As a general rule, the IP address is not connected to the person using the computer, but it can be connected to the organization that recorded the IP address. The IP address connection can be established at the request of the authorities.


As a customer of FRANCITAL Environnement, you can visit our websites anonymously. However, like most websites, we use cookie technology. When you visit our website, the cookie sets a random number for the browser that does not indicate your identity. Cookies help FRANCITAL Environnement to determine which sections of its websites are the most popular, where visitors go and how long they stay there. The data is used to implement and develop services and target advertisements on websites.

You can prevent the cookie from being stored by changing your browser settings. In some cases, prevention may slow down or make it impossible to navigate the pages or website.

Data Security

We ensure the security of our services' data by using methods that are proportionate to the severity and sophistication of the threats and the cost.

FRANCITAL Environnement takes care to take actions to prevent data security breaches or to eliminate disruptions that affect data security. In addition, we use all means to ensure that the confidentiality of messages or the protection of privacy is not unduly compromised when carrying out the above actions.

We provide information on the data security actions of our services and other data security issues through appropriate channels, such as our website or customer newsletters.

In order to prevent data security breaches and eliminate data security disruptions, we may, among other things, prevent the receipt of electronic messages, remove viruses and other malware from messages and take other comparable technical measures. necessary measures within the authorized and required limits specified in the relevant legislation. We use physical, administrative and technical security measures to keep messages and identification data transmitted over the communication network secret. These actions reduce the risk of data about you being disclosed to third parties and prevent any misuse or other unauthorized access. Some of our services also use standardized encryption methods.

Please note that as a user of FRANCITAL Environnement's services, you must also use the most appropriate methods to ensure your own data security. We encourage you to store and use our services and your devices carefully and monitor their use, for example by using secure codes and unique passwords, and to use sufficient antivirus and firewall services and keep them and the operating system up to date.

Customer communication and direct marketing

FRANCITAL Environnement sends customer messages regarding its products and services to its customers via the consent available in the customer account.

FRANCITAL Environnement also sends direct marketing messages in electronic format. You have the right to prohibit FRANCITAL Environnement from sending direct marketing messages. You can prohibit marketing by following the instructions included in the direct marketing message or via your customer account available on our website.