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Water-repellent, 100% Polyamide NYLONTECH® RipStop fabric: SOFIGUARD® & REVERSE GRILL
Fluff-free fabric 100% Polyamide NYLONTECH®
NEW LIFE DOWN® quilting from SOFILETA®:

Post-consumer recycled duck and goose down with FP (Fill Power)> 650
The ˜CUIN index = FP is the inflating power measured as per the European standard EN 12934.

Reversible gilet, double-sided two styles

One side with quilted tunnels and the the other smooth.
Two hand pockets with zip
High collar.
Compression back for gilets.

NEW LIFE DOWN® quilting from SOFILETA®

Goose and duck down quilting with a FP (Fill Power) > 650
The ˜CUIN index = FP is the inflating power measured as per the European standard EN 12934.

This is the thermal insulation capacity of the quilted padding, by keeping in a certain volume of air. The capacity must be measured for a certain filling weight needed to fill a certain volume. The greater the volume taken up, the greater the quilted padding will perform better in terms of insulation and lightness. The product whose fill power is greater than 500 are considered very high quality. The NEW LIFE DOWN® quilting offered in 80% down (60% goose/ 40% duck) provides a fill power of 650 cuin.

The NEW LIFE DOWN® quilting is recycled and certified Recycled Claim Standard 100®
This certification ensures that padding is recycled after use
by the consumer (post-consumption).


How to maintain down clothing?

The insulating power of the down comes from the air pockets present between the layers of down. When the garment is dirty, it is better to wash the down to keep it working properly.

1/ Close the zips, except the pockets where the bottom is dirty. The elastic cords must be loosened as well as the self-fastening bands which must be closed. 2/ Place the garment in the machine, add the detergent and wash it on medium heat (30 °C) on a delicates cycle. If the water-repellent properties of the surface of the fabric diminish, even once the garment is washed and dried, it is possible to reapply the water-repellent treatment (spray or other). 3 / Put the garment inside out in the tumble dryer on a low heat cycle (easy ironing cycle) with two "drying balls" or two clean tennis balls to prevent the down from getting stuck and help to stay fluffed up. It is necessary to flip the garment regularly during the cycle so that it dries cleanly. The down should be completely dry before storing the garment to prevent mould or mildew.

Data sheet
PropertiesInsulating and thermal properties
Standard #1EN 12934.
Standard #2Swelling power FP 650
Type/ DesignDown 60% goose 40% duck
Product typeJacket/ Parka/ Softshell/ Gilet

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